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Video Resources

"Generations at Risk? Environmental Contaminants and Reproductive Health"
Breast Cancer Prevention and Treatment
Date: 12/29/2011
Duration: 29:00 (mins)

"Reach the Decision Makers Fellowship"
2011 Fellows Final Reflections on the Reach the Decision Makers Program
Date: 2/7/2012 Duration: 9:14 (mins)

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Audio Resources

Download and listen to "Communication about Chemical Body Burden, with Tracey Woodruff and Rachel Morello-Frosch" on the Environmental Health Perspectives website.

Listen to more clips here.

Information for Families

Toxic substances are synthetic chemicals and metals that can harm your health and the health of your family. Click here to learn about things you can do to protect yourself. En Español

Information on PRHE's Clinical Practice Program

Health care providers have an essential role to play in preventing preconception and prenatal exposures to environmental hazards. Click here for more information on PRHE's program to engage health care providers on the risks of envronmental exposure.

Research, Policy & Practice

Our research answers key questions that will advance the most effective and efficient approaches to preventing harmful chemical exposure. Click here for more information on our research.

Info on PRHE's Public Policy Program

PRHE applies respected scientific expertise to answer complex environmental health-related questions and to develop science-based policy strategies. Learn more about our work to engage the US EPA and State and Federal legislators here.

Recent News

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“Banned chemicals replaced by worrisome ones, UCSF study shows”
SF Gate
January 15, 2014

“Breast milk harbors environmental pollutants”
from San Francisco Gate
December 29, 2013

“Flame Retardants in Pregnant Women's Blood Drop After State Ban”
from UCSF online news
September 25, 2013

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