Targeted research to inform clinical decision making and public policy

Research: Pregnancy Exposures to Environmental Chemicals (PEEC) Children’s Center

Pregnancy ExposuresThe PEEC Children's Center is dedicated to improving children's health by identifying and preventing harmful environmental chemical exposures that occur during pregnancy. We conduct research to learn how exposure to environmental chemicals during pregnancy can impact healthy human development and whether this impact is magnified by exposure to chronic stress. We translate our findings into prevention-oriented action in clinical and policy arenas.


Current Children's Center Projects

  • Project 1: The Impact of Environmental Chemicals on Early Placental Development
  • Project 2: The Impact of Environmental Chemicals on Mid-Gestational Placental Development
  • Project 3: Effects of Environmental Chemicals and Chronic Psychosocial Stress on Fetal Growth
  • Community Outreach and Translation Core

A full description of the PEEC center and projects can be found here.