Information to help your family reduce their environmental exposures

Toxic Matters 

The Toxic Matters brochure offers practical recommendations on how to avoid exposure to common substances encountered in everyday life that can be harmful to reproductive health. This nontechnical brochure is filled with tips to protect you and your family. These tips are focused on five key areas:

Toxic Matters 5 Things to Do

1. Prevent exposure at home – A healthy environment starts at home. Read about simple choices you can make in your home life that can have a direct positive impact on you and your family’s health.   

2. Prevent exposure at work – Toxins can be used on the job, in your office building or during a renovation project. Learn more about staying safe at work and how to avoid bringing workplace chemicals home.

3. Prevent exposure in your community - Learn ways to avoid exposure to pollutants in your neighborhood, and help create a better environment for your family and everyone around you.

4. Become a smart consumer – Become informed about the products you use everyday and which ingredients to avoid to keep yourself and your family as safe as possible from toxic exposures. Using your power as a consumer sends a message to companies that the public is interested in safer, non-toxic alternatives.

5. Make the government work for you – Because individual action alone cannot prevent all exposures, become active in the issues about toxic substances in your environment. Learn how to do your part to influence lawmakers and help them pass laws that will reduce everyone's exposure to toxic substances.

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Resources and Articles

The recommendations in Toxic Matters are based on guidance from leading authorities on environmental, occupational and reproductive health. You can learn more about the specific recommendations mentioned in this brochure on our Toxic Matters Resources Page.