We have developed a wide variety of resources to support health care professionals, patients, policy staff, and the public better understand how harmful chemicals and policy decision-making impact health.

Toxic Matters

Toxic substances are chemicals and elements that can harm your health - and we are all exposed every day. Our tips help you to reduce exposures to these substances so you can protect your and your family’s health.


Health care professionals play a vital role in educating their patients and helping to prevent preconception and prenatal exposure to environmental hazards. We work with medical organizations to promote health equity and protect pregnant people and future generations.


It is vital that scientists share what they know and that means communicating our work. We employ all elements of strategic communications to amplify our research findings, support health professionals, and inform policymakers.

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To bridge the gap between clinical and environmental health sciences, PRHE has undertaken an interdisciplinary collaboration to develop a systematic and transparent methodology to evaluate the quality of evidence and strength of recommendations about the relationship between the environment and reproductive health.