It is vital that scientists share what they know and that means communicating our work.

We employ all elements of strategic communications to amplify our research findings, support health professionals as they help their patients, and inform policymakers about the importance of scientific integrity in decision-making and how policies and regulatory decisions affect health. We also train scientists and medical students to become better science communicators and use communications to improve policies to protect health and promote health equity and environmental justice.


Like Healthy Kids?

Part of our campaign to show how EPA policies can benefit children’s health

10 Ways to Avoid Harmful Chemicals

How to reduce toxic exposures at home and via policy change

Climate Change and Pregnancy

Materials to support FIGO’s report demonstrating how climate threatens human reproduction

PFAS and Newborns

Learn about what we found in one of our recent ECHO studies

Toxic Tricks

Developed to help policy staff understand problems with our chemical regulatory process

Communications Resources