Clinical Practice
Resources for health care professionals to promote environmental health

Clinical Practice

Educating and engaging health care professionals in a critical first step in transforming emerging scientific discoveries about the impacts of the environment on reproductive health into prevention-oriented solutions in clinical and policy arenas.

PRHE conducts a variety of inter-related clinical practice projects aimed at leveraging the essential role that health care professionals can play in preventing preconception and prenatal exposure to environmental hazards. 

Clinical Practice Projects

Navigation Guide

Beginning in 2009, PRHE undertook an interdisciplinary collaboration to craft an evidence-based medicine methodology to evaluate environmental contaminants and their potential effects on reproductive and developmental health. The result is the Navigation Guide, the product of a yearlong collaboration of 22 clinical and environmental health scientists and/or practitioners, from governmental and non-governmental organizations in the U.S. and Europe. The Navigation Guide proceeds from methods in the clinical sciences but accounts for the differences in evidence and decision context in environmental health sciences.

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From Advancing Science to Ensuring Prevention (FASTEP)

In 2008, PRHE formed the From Advancing Science to Ensuring Prevention (FASTEP) Alliance. The goal of FASTEP is to secure each and everyone’s right to optimal reproductive health by fostering environments that prevent exposure to reproductive toxicants and by providing the nutritive and social sustenance necessary for healthy pregnancies, children, adults and future generations.

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All That Matters

All That Matters brochures are nontechnical, patient-centered guides that provide tips and suggestions for avoiding toxic chemical exposure at home, in the workplace and in the community. The All that Matters compendium is an outcome of the collaborations we have built through our From Advancing Science to Ensuring Prevention (FASTEP) Alliance—including clinical and scientific experts and advocates in the fields of reproductive, occupational, environmental and pediatric medicine, public health, and toxicology.

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