Current Projects

Current Projects
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Medical Education Curriculum

To achieve our goal of a healthcare system that values and addresses environmental health, we must integrate this science into the foundation of health professional learning among students and practicing health professionals. Our strategy is based on well-documented research showing that what medical professionals learn in school influences their attitudes and practices throughout the course of their lifetime of practice. This collaborative project builds on our established partnerships within UCSF and among health professional organizations to embed environmental health within medical professional curriculum and serve as a model for healthcare institutions across the country.

Chemical Industry Documents Library

The UCSF Industry Documents Library is a unique world-recognized, searchable, digital archive which has been the source for scientists, journalists, historians, policy-makers, and other investigators to clearly demonstrate how industry has actively undermined science and public health. The Document Library currently consists of documents from the tobacco, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries, and currently include over 7000 Shell oil studies on benzene exposure oil and gas operations going back to the 1970s.

Documents are made searchable and permanently available to the public worldwide on the Web. World-renowned faculty, students, staff, and researchers analyze these documents and put them to work for the benefit of public health and public policy. Researchers are able to search within one industry archive, or across all industry archives at once, facilitating serendipitous connections and threads of research. The research supported by the Library has led to some of the most successful policy outcomes of the “tobacco wars,” by exposing, in their own words, what industry knew about the health impacts of tobacco, when they knew it, and how industry covered up and distorted the available scientific evidence to enrich their deadly profits.