Information to help your family reduce their environmental exposures

Pesticides Matter

Steps to Reduce Exposure and Protect Your Health

Pesticides are substances or mixtures intended to prevent, control or kill pests, but they can also harm your health. Everyone can be exposed to pesticides every day at home, the workplace or even through the food you eat. This brochure provides information on steps you can take to prevent or reduce your exposure to pesticides and to protect your family's health.

4 Things to Do

  1. Prevent Exposure at Home
  2. Prevent Exposure at Work
  3. Protect Your Community
  4. Support Healthy Policies

Pesticides Matters 4 things to do

View or download a printable version of the Pesticides Matter brochure.

View or download a printable version of the Los pesticidas: Una cuestión tóxica brochure.