Prioritizing Science and Public Health

Recommendations to Strengthen EPA and its Mission to Protect Public Health

To help EPA put science and public health front and center, PRHE collaborated with top scientists and chemical policy experts from around the country to develop evidence-based recommendations to improve hazard and risk assessment, and prevent harms from chemicals and pollutants.

Below are an Executive Summary and a set of recommendations to strengthen EPA and its mission to protect public health in six critical areas:

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Executive Summary
Strengthen EPA and its Mission to Protect Public Health







Chemical Policy
Recommendation: EPA must use the most scientifically up-to-date approaches to evaluate the hazards and risks of industrial chemicals and environmental pollutants that inform decision-making to protect public health.









Systematic Review
Recommendation: To ensure EPA is making decisions based on the best available science, EPA must implement a science-based, validated systematic review method to inform policy and decision-making to save lives and money.









Conflicts of Interest
Recommendation: To reduce biased findings, financial conflicts of interest from industry funding in environmental health research as well as industry ties on EPA advisory committees should be eliminated to the extent possible.







Environmental Justice
Recommendation: We must adopt environmental justice principles in chemical policymaking and implement environmental statutes as Congress intended to fundamentally transform chemical policy to address health disparities from harmful chemicals.






Data Infrastructure
Recommendation: EPA must invest in systems to support collecting, organizing and making accessible environmental and health data that allow the Agency and the public to understand, monitor and act on environmental factors that influence health, resulting in more equitable public health safeguards.









Research Funding
Recommendation: EPA must invest in research and workforce training to ensure it has the right and best science for decision-making and that its workforce keeps pace with current scientific advances in order to ensure that its regulatory decision-making is evidence-based.