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Clinical Practice: From Advancing Science to Ensuring Prevention (FASTEP)


One of PRHE’s core objectives is to sustain and expand a collaborative network of partners that has the capacity to influence clinical practice; FASTEP was created to fulfill this objective. Formed in 2008, FASTEP is a diverse alliance of leaders in the reproductive and environmental health fields that share a commitment to the primary prevention of exposure to environmental contaminants. Using a highly collaborative model, FASTEP’s mission is to secure each and everyone’s right to optimal reproductive health by fostering environments that prevent exposure to potential reproductive toxicants and provide the nutritive and social sustenance necessary for healthy pregnancies, children, adults, and future generations.

FASTEP activities include:

Establishing and Nurturing the FASTEP Alliance. FASTEP Alliance partners include clinical and scientific experts and advocates in the fields of reproductive, occupational, environmental and pediatric medicine, public health, and toxicology, and represent academic, governmental and non-governmental organizations. The FASTEP Alliance educates clinicians on environmental reproductive health topics and train them to promote prevention-oriented public policy.

Creating a science-based foundation for clinical care and health policy. FASTEP is working on a collaborative effort to vet, frame and synthesize the scientific evidence linking the environment and reproductive health into a series of white papers endorsed by key leaders in the field. In sharp contrast to typical scientific review processes - which review the literature and then almost always just offer priorities in the research area – the FASTEP white papers will provide solid scientific information combined with practical and policy advice. The FASTEP white papers will provide a foundation for creating and disseminating educational materials for clinicians, patients, the public, and policy makers by members of the FASTEP Alliance and others.

Harnessing the Role of Health Care Professionals. FASTEP partners are engaged in a wide range of efforts to educate health care professionals in order to transform emerging scientific discoveries about the role of the environment on reproductive health into healthy pregnancies, healthy children and the health of future generations.


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